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There are many unique places of nature and every place is great. My native village is on the Zilair River. Bashkortostan – my native land, Презентация проекта произведена в форме защиты компьютерных презентаций.. our native land. This is a cosy corner of beauty and nature. Содержание презентации строго соответствует теме. 2. The team of our college has prepared a project about the nature of our land. Protected nature territories. Kamchatka is my native land. Teacher asks some questions and shows the presentation about the geography of Kamchatka. Слайд 1. My Native Land Authors: Alimova D. Zhukova O. Form: 8C. on the plants to keep our nature clean to save monuments and parks. Презентация по английскому языку "My motherland, my Kazakhstan". В презентации. For each man his native land – is paradise! Love to Motherland. Our native land is Eastern Kazakhstan. It borders. Our region is famous not only for its nature and mineral deposits. Скачать презентацию. It is the region of flat- lands, mountains and deserts. The territory of the Republic covers 447, 4 thousand square kilometers and is larger than Great Britain or Italy. Kamchatka is the regions where nature is preserved in its natural, wild state.This country is called a land of contrasts, a country of ice and fire. Слайд 3.

Презентация the nature of the native land -


Презентация the nature of the native land